In photography, nothing is better than practice, which is why my training courses are based on experience with your own material.

After a quick assessment of your knowledge, if necessary, we will enlighten the bases together and then we will move onto the concrete cases…

With my professional experience since 2012, I will guide you toward the good practices to realize more surely and more quickly beautiful images, form a beginner level to an expert level.

Beginner photography class

  • Are technical aspects of photography incomprehensible to you?
  • You are often disappointed by your photos

During 2h I will explain to you how to abord serenely the shot to make a big step ahead in photography.

We will abord together different situations that can cause you problem and I will give you my solutions, applicable with your material.

From 1 to 4 persons, a one-to-one conversation efficient for everyone.

60€ per person

Advanced photography traineeship

  • Photography attracts you; its practice brings you joy and even pride sometimes, you are on the good path…
  • You already experimented lots of things, but you go back to often to the automatic mode…? 

For half a day, I will share with you my professional experience and will guide you toward the good habits to have.

Together we will see how to choose your material, adjust your body, and react in a proper way when facing different situations (portrait, landscape, sport, backlight, low exposure…) we go over everything. Do you have a particular problem? Come with your questions!

After a theoretical part, which can be indispensable, we will quickly go to the practice that is the base of this day’s teaching.

I will reveal my professional advice to react faster and enhance the quality of your photos.

130€ Individual session