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Primed member of the Family Photo-Journalist Association (FPJA), I received many international awards.

I am proud today to offer you my recognized documentary vision, to illustrate the most important moments of your life.

Because what matters more than anything else, is your family…

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Do you like natural and spontaneous photos?

The family documentary is made for you.

During half a day I will testify, in photos, instants you share with your children. In a typically photo-reporter spirit, this unusual session produces photos full of authenticity, humor, and tenderness.

An audio recording during the documentary will allow you, through a slideshow, to relive with emotion this slice of life, the bursts of laughter like the little tantrums! Everything that made you a family full of life…

50 HD photos jpeg + Personalized Slideshow 460€

Optional album



Pregnancy is an intense moment in the life of a women, you must keep a durable memory of this introduction to a new life

This session will highlight your silhouette with a soft and flattering light

Outdoors or at home, alone or with your significant other, share an experience full of emotion, for intimate and touching photos.

25 HD photos jpeg 275€

Optional album



The lifestyle session will give natural photos, far away from studios, outdoors or at home.

City photographer or countryside photographer, you choose.

Or not… Indeed, this 2h session gives us the possibility to vary the atmospheres and to keep a beautiful memory of your children, your couple or all at once!

25 HD photos jpeg 275€

Optional album